Anna Kora Bartyzel

“The series Flawed Mortality has surfaces from the concept of control, and the consequences that arise with it. The thorn has been one of those most ancient symbols of sin and sorrow, being the physical protector of the delicate rose associated with love and purity. Its contrast represents hardship and prosperity a reminder of how these objects of pain preserve the pleasure we value in life. Unlike any other species we govern and define our environment to its extreme, with this series I question the flaws in our flourishing and the sins to our sacrifices as we evolve to control the adversity of our own thorns.”

Anna Kora is a contemporary artist currently working in Suffolk. She was born and raised in rural Poland where she was immersed in old traditions and nature dependent ways of living, subsequently proving an integral foundation in her artistic career.

Being a self taught artist, she’s been able to direct her engagement to trades and crafts of her region through apprenticeships and involvement with sculptural arts communities. With this she has harvested the knowledge of green wood carving and also nurtured her devotion for accuracy and precision with teachings of bespoke bench joinery. Anna has evolved her own method encompassing the traditional elements of her surroundings and the modern influences of contemporary art.

Annas work focuses on our human interactions with nature, drawing upon questions which amplify our reliance on the earth’s resources and materials. With the use of continual patterns she harnesses nature’s geometry, confining its forms and creating multiple perspectives. Redefining the origins of her medium she evokes a new narrative for the organic matter in her work, each meticulous and meditative placement touches upon our own communication with nature, how as humans we change its story everyday and how it changes ours . With quiet control and intimate use of materials her work is often minimalistic and softly toned, with an aesthetic abstraction open for the viewer’s interpretation.