Alex Egan

“My practice is rooted in a desire to capture the light, movement and energy of my subjects. My recent practice has focused on tree portraits, those ethereal figures in the landscape.Through studying their beautiful twisting limbs and individual personalities, I seek to capture their presence, quiet beauty, vitality and transcendence, shaping a way to explore our relation to the natural world out of which we have grown.”

Alex Egan studied at Bristol University and has a BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art, she since has exhibited extensively throughout the country. Egan is a part of The Arborealists; an artist collective passionate about trees and the ways in which they can be creatively documented and displayed- Alex’s trees take on detailed realism but with a soft and delicate nature which introduces ethereal qualities. She also is the Tree artist in residence at Somerleyton.

Along with numerous group and solo exhibitions including the two individual shows, Tree Portraits (2015) and My Roots (2016) as well as featuring in If We Opened People Up We’d Find Landscapes (2019) with us at the Fairhurst Gallery,  Alex has exhibited as part of the Inheritance exhibit at the Norwich Castle Museum (2018). Mentionable commissions include depicting veteran trees on the Sandringham estate for the celebration of HRH Prince of Wales 70th birthday, the historic Kett’s Oak at Ryston, the Daylesford estate in Oxfordshire and the Somerleyton and Houghton estates in Suffolk and Norfolk.