Emma Lee Cracknell

“My practice is rooted in the description of emotion that has no place within the written or verbal language. Through paint, I try to communicate the unknown, and allow the medium itself to act as a voice. This is combined with the act of drawing, the two often coming together on the canvas, to describe things that have no physical or recognizable form.”

Originally from Sudbury, Suffolk, Cracknell’s artistry has unfolded through the finalization of an MA in Fine Art (2014) and an assortment of exhibitions throughout the UK, and the USA.

Her abstract paintings depict a description of emotion that has no place within written or verbal language. This failure of language is conflicted by the consuming medium of oil paint, giving rise to a new voice granted by its physicality. The act of drawing makes an appearance within Cracknell’s practice too, forging marks against the painted canvases, while also producing individual illustrations of physical and somewhat unrecognisable forms. 

During her Masters study at Norwich University of the Arts (NUA), Cracknell was selected by Axisweb for their MA Star award (2014). Her works have since been seen in British Vogue and Aesthetica Magazine; with work in the NUA permanent collection, alongside collections across the world.