Guy Allen

“Inspiration has mostly been from my home county of Norfolk in England. Which flourishes with material to study. More recently I have been focusing on the horse as a subject matter, which I am really enjoying. The medium of etching and the muscular coat of the horse lend themselves to one another. All the horses that I do are done by endless stippling, where by the darker the area the closer the dots are together. Artists that inspire me are Rembrandt, George Stubbs, Afred Munnings, Andy Warhol and two current British artists Norman Ackroyd and Charming Baker.”

Following his graduation from Central Saint Martins School of Art (2011), Guy  Allen returned to his home town in Norfolk to gain inspiration for his work; a continuous process of his practice as he works across studios in both London and Norfolk. 

It is the countryside and a love of animals implemented through his childhood upbringing that fuels Guy Allens work. Taking form in prints; techniques and processes which have been mastered by the artist, he unites traditional print making along with timeless subject matter of Norfolk animals and wildlife, with a contemporary edge in his marriage of colour and gold leaf with the etchings. This introduces a beauty and sense of the precious to the everyday animals of Allens home landscape. 

A sense of harmony dominates Allen’s practice. The balance between the rational and the contemporary; highlighting his artistic abilities as well as his vast printmaking knowledge and skillset. 

The artist was accepted by the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2014, consequently showing in London, Dubai and New York. Other successful achievements include, not only Fur, Feathers and Feelers (2017), a solo show at the Fairhurst Gallery, but also an array of pieces being held in private collections across the globe, including Los Angeles, San Fransisco, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore.