Joceline Wickham

“I am interested in looking closely and paying attention to the ordinary objects I see around me which may already be very familiar.These may have a particular significance for me or they may just have a quality of their own that appeals to me. My intention is that they are more than just a realistic portrayal of their subject matter.When I paint them I try to organise them so that some sort of transformation takes place. I hope they are not just straightforward representations of their subject matter and that there are glimpses of something else going on as well.”

Joceline Wickham, studied at Royal Academy Schools in the 1970s, now living and working in Norfolk, exhibiting extensively across the area as well as in London and Europe, she works in oils on wooden panel to create small, detailed and closely observed still life paintings. She is interested in looking at the beauty and strangeness of ordinary things, organising them such that a transformation takes place, often juxtaposing postcard portrait images with the objects around them to engage the viewer and tell a story from the past.  For Joceline, colour is all important but shape, form, texture and surface pattern are vital too. 

As a member of the Norwich 20 Group, Wickham exhibits regularly with the collective and has also shown with us at the Fairhurst Gallery, alongside Polly Cruse in Contemplations (2015). Joceline has also successfully shown in solo exhibitions such as in Favourite Things at Gallery Last, Zurich, Switzerland (2015). Furthermore, her patrons include the National Trust and the East Anglia Art Fund and her work is held in many private collections.