Lara Cobden

“I am intrigued by the residue of memory left in the landscape and it’s benevolent capacity to absorb and bear witness, and by the alchemy of paint and it’s facility to express voiceless emotion through intuitive choices of colour, composition and brushwork. Photographs, sketches and memory are a starting point – through the process and medium (oil paint) an image evolves – one foot planted in the realms of reality and the other stepping into an alternate world.” 

Lara Cobden, graduated with a degree in painting from Brighton University (1996), she is a successful figurative painter whose pieces have been exhibited extensively in the UK and internationally.  Memories, recollections and a sense of place are themes which guide Cobden’s paintings; the ethereal landscape scenes pose an aura of liberation in nature’s beauty, balanced alongside a slight caution created by the depictions of the forest’s dark depths. 

Lara, thus creates a sense of narrative, left to the viewers interpretation in the simultaneous stillness and fluidity which characterises her style of landscape paintings. Such style is born out of her creative and reflective approach to the documentation of her surroundings; snapshots and remembered locations are drawn out during the painting process allowing for interpretations and the addiction of nuances that reflect the artists own memories and emotions. 

Laura Cobden practices as a member of The Arborealists; a group of artist whose work specialises in the art of trees. As well as reaching the first prize at the Sir John Hurt Art Prize (2016), Lara was a finalist in the National Open Art Competition and she exhibited in the Finalists Winter exhibit at the Royal Academy of Art (2015). The Fairhurst Gallery have also featured Cobden’s paintings in ‘If We Opened People Up We’d Find Landscapes’ (2019).