Nessie Stonebridge

Nessie Stonebridge’s paintings depict the explosive energy of the avian world of rural Norfolk. A flash of light, feathers, beaks; a vortex of vitality, blood, life and death. She paints birds of the wetlands and hinterlands, magisterial swans, herons and raptors. Stonebridge’s paintings can’t contain this energy – when exhibited, they become bird-like, prone to flight. Displayed in choreographed arrangements, they teeter on their edges, pinioned and as poised as bondage performers. Like a flock frozen in space, Stonebridge’s painting-assemblages react intuitively to their neighbours and the architectural environment that they inhabit. On display, these works are complete: they are avian exhibitionists.

Nessie’s energetic paintings and sketches have seen her gain success both nationally and internationally, showing in group and solo exhibitions such as her Tightly Drawn solo exhibit at Playhouse Yard, London (2010) as well as being selected to show in the Cley19 and Cley21 group exhibitions, among many others including shows in Berlin and Australia.