Tazelaar Stevenson

“I’m at play when I print, but I keep my mind focused with the knowledge and skill set I’ve accumulated as a framework  for this playful process. I look for the magic in the normal and mundane.”

Norfolk based artist, Tazelaar Stevenson’s creative practice spans across media, including screen-printing, drawing and painting, as well as incorporating music and field recordings. Tazelaar’s work is rooted in a felt connection with nature: as a lifelong birdwatcher, the artist seeks to connect his experiences to his practice through walking, investigating, recording and scanning the landscape. 

Such organic foundations are, it seems, in tension with Tazelaar’s focus on the process of making, however the artist allows the screen printing  techniques and procedures  to carry the work and often determine the final outcome. Stevenson’s prints exude bold, shifting stripes and rays – geometric patterns and layers of tones and colours –  they are augmented with loose, gestural marks, adding an overall sense of fluidity. 

Tazelaar’s apparently simple prints and paintings are multifaceted: their technical mastery speaks a visual language which runs in tandem with a whispered philosophical undertone that captures his spiritual relationship with nature. Thus, whilst there is great success in the works on an aesthetic level with the careful use of pattern, shape and colour, the artist’s screen prints also allow for deeper more complex interpretation of such design choices. 

Since graduating with a degree in Fine Art Printmaking from Norwich University of Arts, Stevenson has received great success in his creative practice, evident in his vast array of achievements including group exhibitions such as Borderlines with Cley Contemporary (2019) as well as working with Matt Falvey and IKEA to produce their ANVÄNDBAR Poster motif. Solo exhibitions include Shift (2018), a one man screen print show at Norwich Arts Centre and Quin (2019), a solo exhibit at the Fairhurst Gallery featuring screen prints and for the first time, paintings created with screen printing ink.