Tom Lamprell

Tom Lamprell was born in Norwich yet grew up in the Middle East. Educated at Wimbledon and Byam Shaw School of Art, he is a gifted young artist, who can draw and paint instinctively and beautifully. He is a painter of light and colour capturing his narrative the way he wants it and wanting you to share it. These works can be mercurial and capricious or sensuous, serious and passionate. Fearless of techniques or norms, Lamprell pushes boundaries and defies many conventions.

His style is expressed not so much in the content of his work but rather through his choice of techniques and materials, ranging from fast, fluent and furious to slow, detailed and considered. His portraits, for example, range from a precise, accurate study of the sitter, to abstracted, sometimes dark forms with a restricted palette. 

His paintings of Norfolk landscapes, woods and figures are just as varied. Tom often paints en plein air, enabling him to capture the immediacy of the moment; he was a part of the North Norfolk’s Plein Air Painting Competition Paint out Wells-Next-The-Sea (2015). 

Further artistic endeavours have seen Lamprell working as the artist in residence at the Milestone Insitutue, Budapest for the month of February (2018), as well as later that year exhibiting alongside Brüer Tidman with us at the Fairhurst Gallery in Tidman: Lamprell.