Georgina Fairhurst

‘I’ve never been able to settle on one media and enjoy the different relationships between the chosen medium and it’s possible effects. For these still life pieces, painting digitally gave me a chance to carve out the shapes as if I were modelling them in 3D. I like to paint bigger and then cut away the colour, refining in on the shape. 
I really loved spending more time than usual on the composition and choosing a specific colour palette before I began painting. I then tried to restrict myself as much as possible to stick to those colours and have chosen to celebrate this way of working by keeping the colour swatch as part of the final artwork.’

Georgina Fairhurst is an artist and illustrator from Norfolk, currently living in the Cotswolds. She loves the outdoors, growing things and is most inspired after getting outside in nature. Georgina’s work breaths new life into traditional still life paintings; her use of colour, subject matter and composition toy with the traditional styles of still life depictions whilst inviting a fresh, contemporary twist, further highlighted in her digital painting techniques.