Maxine Clements

“Bare Root Roses is the creative space of Max Clements, an artist living in rural Suffolk. Inspired by life, love, landscapes, sex, illness, recovery, bodies, nature, birth; Max creates multidimensional artworks that pose metaphysical questions. The overlapping lines and colour planes reflect time passing as new phases of life emerge”

Lucy Ward Arts, Artist Consultant

Since childhood vivid memories of travelling through landscapes have become reoccurring themes in Maxines’s work which have remained resonant and meaningful to her to this day. Rolling Italian hills, flat Romney Marshes, Cornish cliffs, Suffolk skies. 

Max’s surroundings are the basis for the shapes and structure in her work. Making calm compositions is a response to the way she lives. The pace of Suffolk life is slow.

Using abstract landscape interpretations Max plays with ideas of layering shapes to describe her internal and external experiences.