Vanessa Pooley

“My bronze sculptures explore the female form and have emerged from a lifelong obsession with representing the female body and its flowing curves and lines. 

Even as a young child at nursery, I would repeatedly draw female figures. I loved sketching simple shapes dressed in the triangular-shaped dresses that symbolise ‘female’.”

Norfolk based artist Vanessa Pooley, Fellow of the British Society of Sculptors, creates bronze sculptures which explore the female form, emerging from a lifelong interest in representing the female body and its flowing curves and lines. Through the process of sculpting in clay, creating smooth, curvaceous shapes, before casting and committing to bronze, Vanessa’s pieces serve to portray the feminine figure as eternal, pleasing but without being sentimental. “My aim is to produce work that’s not ephemeral, not an abstract message or a gesture but instead something solid and as simply expressed as possible.”

Within her practice Vanessa touches on the idea of motherhood, conveying the soft and pure relationship between mother and child, with the fluid lines of her designs teamed with the smooth bronze finish resulting in very tactile pieces; gentle and calming. This tactile element is heightened through Vanessa’s exploration of size and scale, not only creating large scale pieces but also miniature versions, encouraging touch and a handheld nature to the smooth, inviting pieces. 

As well as success in her home county of Norfolk, Vanessa has also had success exhibiting internationally in shows such as those in London, Milan, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, San Diego, Zurich and Edinburgh.