Previous Exhibitions

Fairhurst Studios

Joy Miller, Claire Coles, Kate O’Grady,

Bella Bigsby

Brighton Highlife

Oliver Bedeman

Bread and a Girl

Jess Burgess

Young Savage

Jamie Andrews

Pastel Reliefs: Place Through Shape, Tone and Colour

Harry Cory Wright

New Works

Kate O’Grady

Walking Through Flowers

Claire Coles with Louise Farnes & Par Avion co

In League with the Moon

Gus Farnes & Amanda Edgecombe


Yusuf Keten


Tazelaar Stevenson

“If we opened people up we’d find landscapes”

Contemporary female landscape artists

Artist in Residence

Harry Cory Wright


Norwich University of the Arts Students

Woman of Steel

Ros Newman

(Elvis x 20) + (Tom x 1)

Stuart Pearson Wright


Rosie Emerson